Thursday, January 1, 2009

San Jorge

Well we finally decided that there must be more to Nica than a bunch of foreigners and surfer dudes hanging out in a beautiful bay, so we packed up and moved on.  

Next stop was to be the island of Ometepe.  To get there we would need to book passage on a ferry.  This turned out to be impossible due to the Holiday season.  Nicaraguans were on the move too.  Seems that they had the same idea as we did and the ferry was booked solid for the next two days.  When I came back from the ticket office with the news I saw C-A breathe a sigh of relief, because while I was gone she had tossed the kids in the lake and was in the process of wondering if that had been such a good idea. The waves were crazy and last time we were on a ferry in rough water she had spent her time barfing over the railing.

Averyl and Nora loved the waves and Elsie liked playing in the black sand.

We booked a room and treated ourselves to some fantastic seafood at the 'Gran Diamonte' restaurant.

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Bill said... its funny watching your little girl get terrorized by a steroidal chicken eh? guys may need some couselling when you get back...all of you