Saturday, January 17, 2009

JD-Back at Work

"You can take the man away from work, but you can't take the work out of the man."

Yup, JD.  While at our property we noticed that a very large tree had been cut down.  Our neighbour, Colin, said the crazy woman did it.  The crazy woman, who was not so crazy, said Colin did it.  
We also noticed that Colin had a very organized pile of wood stacked up.  Here is picture of JD and Colin discussing the event. 
Over 150 years ago, the majority of western Nica was deforested due to logging and exporting.  As a result, today no one is allowed to cut down a tree or transport any lumber, without permission.

Well, the wheels in JD's head started turning and he decided to go through all the hoops to get permission to cut the fallen tree up into lumber.  After all, it was now lying on our property.  
It took a lot of patience to circumnavigate the local municipal  government - la Alcaldia.  JD had to talk to everyone.  Each time the conversation went around in circles.
JD would explain the situation: A tree was felled on our property and I want permission to cut it up into lumber to build a house.  And everytime he was told that you can't cut a tree down without a permit.  

Eventually, he was given permission to cut the tree, but then they wanted to know exactly how many pieces and what sizes he was going to cut. Again, a conversation of circles. JD would explain that he had no idea what he was going to get from the tree until he started cutting.   So they gave him an open permit to cut the tree into lumber, but halfway through the process and before he transported the lumber he had to return back to the Alcaldia to register the  quantity.

JD was thrilled.  He found a guy with a chainsaw, who found a guy with a truck, who found a couple of guys to help.  

And now we have lumber ready and waiting to build our eventual house.


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Bill said...

I am not so sure you can trust Colin.