Monday, January 5, 2009


We have been checking out our property this week.   JD and I found two great nica girls to look after and play with our three canadian girls while we drove off on motorbikes. 

What a trip.  Me on a motorbike!  Not your everyday occurrence.  As a result JD took soooo many pictures. 

-just to document the event and make sure he had a reminder of it 

- just in case I never get on a bike again.  

After all, I went on twisty curvy roads, had to swerve for cows, pigs, horses, chickens, dogs, people, cars and potholes and before all that started, I had to get myself out of the the crazy city of Managua.  Previously to the motorbiking I drove exactly two times in our rented Jeep and can you guess how many times I was pulled over by the police?  yup. two.  But in my opinion they were for ridiculous reasons.  The first was because a taxi stopped in front of me on a green light and appeared not to be going anywhere.  I made the choice to go around him.  Wrong choice!! You are not allowed to change lanes in an intersection.   Due to my limited spanish I failed to ask the police if it was legal to stop at an intersection on a green light.  The second was equally as ridiculous.  You are not allowed to pass another vehicle just prior to or on a bridge.  However, there are no road signs to indicate that a bridge is up ahead.  Hmm.  

Anyways.  I apparently am a better driver on a motorbike.  

Our first destination was our property at Playa Miraflores.

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