Monday, January 5, 2009

Playa Miraflores - Our Property

Here it is.  This is the view from our property.   We front onto the Rio Citalapa with a view to the Pacific Ocean.   JD and I have been thinking already about house designs.  We will make sure there is sufficient space to allow for visiting guests.  

But, that will be in many years to come.  We have a lot of work to do first.  
Here is a picture of our lot with all the splendor of vegetation.
What you cannot see are all the little prickly seeds that come from a particular plant that is everywhere.  Nor can you see the mosquitoes that live in the crab holes which are everywhere.
Hmmm.  Sound inviting?  Anybody booking their tickets just yet?

While we are here, we have hired some locals to clear the land of brush and to erect a fence surrounding the property.  This is to confirm that the property is owned and that squatters will not be able to set up house and claim rights.  

The income of this area is sugar cane.  It looks like a very large Miscanthus Grass in many an ornamental garden that I have planted.  It is very beautiful.  The stocks are cut down and hauled away to be processed into sugar just 17 kms down the coast at a town called Masachapa.  

This is another beautiful sunset, but captured along a service road between fields of sugar cane.

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