Friday, January 23, 2009

Call 911

So.... after a good day of checking out the Nica version of the Ontario Science Centre with the, how do I say, 'creative' exhibits, I lay down in the hotel room and let the kids run amuck.  I was just dozing off nicely when Nora lets out a scream and it sounds as though a river has changed course into the room.  I get up and am required to jump into action.  The water tap below the sink, yes, that is correct, a tap under the sink broke when Nora tried to stand on it.  Ooops.  
As the room quickly filled with water I realized that something needed to be done.  Carol-Ann ran away.  I looked at the hole at the end of the pipe, then I looked at my finger and thought of a little dutch boy I've read about.  (You know the one...the little boy puts his thumb in the dyke to stop the town from being flooded)  
I was soaked to the bone and unable to move.  What felt like 2 and a half hours later, Carol-Ann came back with the Manager.  He shook his head and left.  No jokin.  He evidently thought my solution was good enough. 

The water eventually stopped.  I guess the Manager turned it off and we left the building. Returning many hours later, the problem was fixed and we never mentioned it again.  

We did get a discount on our rooms, however, it had nothing to do with the water issue.   Math is not a strong point for many people it seems.

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