Friday, March 24, 2017

Nicaraguan Safety and Security

I am constantly being impressed with many different aspects of Nicaragua.

We have had many visitors in the last few days.  The first was the local police department jefe who came to say hello.  He was making the rounds and checking up on the community to see if everything was ok.  It occured to me that he was just trying to be nosy and then I wondered if we had paid our taxes.  (how quickly my mind can go to trouble)  However, this guy was truly nice and asked if we had any thefts, if we felt safe, and if there was anything to report.   We told him we had our pump stolen last year and recently we discovered we had some lumber missing.  He took notes and thanked us for the information.  And then he fines, no payments, and no problems.  Wow.  How cool is that!  I was so caught up with it all that I did not take any pictures.

Next we were visited by a crew from public health and safety. They spoke with everyone in our barrio and planned a tsunami drill for 11:00am.  Weirdly, the kids were so excited. They have experienced fire drills, tornado drills, school lock-down drills, but never a tsunami drill.

At 11:00am the sirens started blarring.  They are located on the access road to the beach and for all the open space that surrounds us, the alarm was loud.

Emergencias! Emergencias! Emergencias!
Alarma del Tsunami! Alarma del Tsunami!
Evacua a la seguridad! Evacua a la seguridad!

We all walked away from the beach like we were told and made it to the checkpoint in under seven minutes.  We were congratulated for following the rules and making it to higher ground in reasonable time.  Yay!

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Painting Party

 We are getting closer.  We started with white
Painted it all grey to seal the stucco finish.
and then we had fun picking the colours. 

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Donde esta la Bibliotecha?

That is our family's secret mantra.  Ok, its now out.   It just so happens that it is the first line of a jaunty rhyming.

Donde esta la biblioteca?
mi gustas papas fritas

We found outselves in Granada visiting our wonderful friends Fabrizio and Jeffrey.  They bought an old Colonial house in the heart of the city and are restoring it to its full splendor, plus giving it a modern touch.  I just love buildings with internal courtyards and lots of vegetation.  It is so different from our normal north american style.
After our breakfast outing to the Garden Cafe - again a beautiful building with an interior courtyard, we happened upon the library.  Donde esta la biblioteca?

We all get excited to visit new libraries.  The possibilities are endless. The smell alone is worth it.


Coventec Walls


"It is not the beauty of a building you should look at; 
its the construction of the foundation that will stand the test of time."

Monday, February 20, 2017

Mombacho Volcano Zipline

The Mombacho Volcano is a destination in Nicaragua.  You can actually drive up the treacherously steep side of the volcano to the very top where you can explore the interpretive building - the Mombacho Reserve.  While there you can explore plenty of information about the volcano as well as maps, photos, models, and souvenirs. Plus you can set out on a walk through the mystical cloud forest and around one the volcano's four craters. 
But, halfway up to the top is a zipline-canopy tour.   We decided we must stop and explore.  The kids practically jumped out of the vehicle anyways so it was best we parked and all went together.  

Here we are with our gear on, ready to experience the thrills.  

Upside down was a favourite. 

But only for the kids.  JD did not think it would suit him.

March 2015