Sunday, January 11, 2009

Las Pinitas

We went to the beach again.  This time to Las Pinitas.  This quaint village is to the north of the country, close to the colonial city of Leon.  We stayed not on the ocean, but along the river that leads into the ocean.  Everyday we rode the tides out to the ocean.  It seems like the largest water park I have ever seen.  

Along this river, but much farther up into the swamp zone of the mangrove forest you can find all sorts of crocodiles.  We hired a boat and a tour guide to make the trek into the 'scary zone'.   
Also along this stretch of river we swam with hermit crabs, a family of pigs, black vultures, plenty of dogs, and even more children.  We watched as the fishing boats came back every day and would unload their catch.  There were sting rays, hammerhead sharks, and plenty of fish with unknown names.  (Oh yeah, we named one Henry) 
Now I have never seen pigs fly, but I have also never seen pigs swim.  How bizarre.

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Patricia said...

Love the swimming pigs. Who'd have thought??
Happy New Year!
It's SNOWING in Provence.