Sunday, December 15, 2013

Reserva Natura

Things are picking up in our 'neighbourhood'.  There is now a national park which boasts two fresh water lakes, a tree nursery and species protection program for birds, amphibians, and trees. 
The park was originally created an owned by Navinc, the sugar cane company.  They created the lakes to act as reservoirs and water supply for irrigating their sugar cane fields.  Four years ago they handed over the ownership to the country and a national park was established. 
We were there for the day and went on a guided tour of the property, saw the tree nursery, and learned about the native tree species. 
Averyl was asking about going for a swim, but learned that at sometime in its history crocodiles were introduced to the lakes.  We did not see one, but apparently they are approximately three metres long.  So, nope, no swimming.  And since the park is now a national park and crocodiles are on the endangered species list... the crocodiles stay.  Seems odd, to have this beautiful area with two clean fresh water lakes to be off limits, but that is very typical for life in Nica...nothing makes sense, you just accept what is. 

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