Sunday, December 15, 2013


JD came across a bicycle store in Masachapa.  Since we will be here for another 5 weeks we thought is would be a great way to get around from time to time and then we will give the bikes to a family before we leave. 
We have seen numerous people riding bicycles, motorbikes, and quads along the beach.  The girls and I thought we should give it a try too.  We set out the next morning during the early morning heat, to avoid the scorching mid-day heat.
 There is a sweet spot for riding on the beach.  You want to be on the damp sand close to the water's edge, but not in the water.  It is perfect to go riding at low tide as high tide will push you up into the dry sand which is impossible to navigate.
We did not get very far as it was high tide.  I guess a little more planning is necessary.  So we went out to the road to give it a go.  Here is Elsie and Averyl riding around on our lot, having some fun.

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