Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Nicaragua 2013/14

It all started out flawlessly.... "What could possibly go wrong?"
Evan and his girlfriend Alix drove us to the airport to catch our 2:16pm flight out of the Lester B. Pearson International Airport in Toronto, Canada.  Due to circumstances beyond our control JD had to fly with a different airline, an hour later, while the kids and I continued on with our flight.  After a stopover in Atlanta, Georgia we arrived at the Augusto Sandino Internacional Aeropeurto in Managua, Nicaragua.  Here is where the fun began.  Across the road is the Best Western Hotel where JD and agreed to meet.

My limited Spanish is something that has to be improved upon.... 
As we were collecting up our baggage an eager young lad started loading them onto a push cart.  Relieved, I tried to ask him to walk us, and our luggage, to the hotel across the road.  I paid him $10 with the intent that this would help.  He promptly deposited me and our luggage as soon as we exited the Aeroporto.  Another fellow came up  offering help and I thought I understood that he was a cab driver and would drive us to our hotel (across the road) as the thought of dragging our luggage across a busy thoroughfare was no longer appealing to my sense of safety and well being.  He hailed us a cab, told me his job was finished, and then asked for a tip.  I gave him $5.  The cab driver then loaded our luggage into his cab and we all climbed in.  I giggled the full minute that it took us to pull out of the terminal, onto the main road, and into the Best Western hotel.  I also had to tip him $5.
Wow!  But we made it and the girls went swimming while we waited for JD to arrive.

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alicia miecznikowski said...

uh huh! sounds like the kind of poverty that requires quick action and "division of labor"!!