Sunday, December 29, 2013

Mombacho Canopy Tour

I thought I was done with adrenaline rushing excitement and even went so far as to say so only a couple of days ago.  Apparently, I lied. 
We stopped at the Mombacho Volcano today.  We opted out of driving up the 1344m above sea level to hang out in the cloud canopy and walk around the craters.  Not to worry, the volcano has not been active since 1570, or so I am told. 
Instead, we stopped only part way up and engaged ourselves in the zipline/canopy tour.  Wow!. 

Look! It's a bird...
it's a plane...
it's super(wo)man! 

and who is her sidekick flying upside down? 

Hey, JD, your legs look a little too small for your body.  Weird!

 Ahh, Nora.  The girl who did not want to go on her own when we were on the ground but once in the air, she took to flying like a bird with wings.  Doesn't she look stylish, even in the air?

Averyl, you should shave your legs!


Basta said...

Hi Carol Ann
Thanks for this great blog - what fun to travel along with you. Sitting here sipping my tea and looking over your shoulder -- love the pinata hats and the short-hairy legged Shifflett family adventures in the canopy. You're right - it's been cold and icy here. We were in Ottawa skating on the canal, which is the best version of ice I can think of.
Cheers for the New Year, Sophie

Basta said...
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