Saturday, December 28, 2013


JD's friends are just as odd and eccentric here as they are in Canada.  Santiago, aka Jim, has had a long history  with JD spanning three counties and two decades, as mentioned in previous posts, and he now lives on the outskirts of San Juan del Sur, the backpacker and surfer magnet town of Nicaragua.  Santiago has moved out of his bus, and into his newly constructed house, is still married to Queen Fairy Gwendolyn, yet again a reference to a previous post, and together they have a newborn baby boy named Thomas.  But not to worry about the bus...if you need a place to stay it is set up as a guest house. 
Santiago is a character and a regular at the local watering hole called Big Wave Daves, not unlike someone someone else I know who is a regular at the Apollo 11 Restaurant for breakfast.  Recently, Big Wave Daves renovated the premisis and hired a local artist to paint a mural on the side wall of the building.  The wall is adorned with Marilyn Munroe, Sophia Loren, Clint Eastwood, Morgan Freeman and many others.  But saddled up to the bar with all these celebrities are the true to life likeness of Santiago and his friend Backhoe Pete.
I had Santiago pose in front of the mural.  Perhaps you can see the likeness of the guy in the hat (on the right) with his real life persona (on the left)

And wee little Thomas...with his elated parents.

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