Saturday, January 8, 2011


At every river, in every town, is a dam where most of life happens. People bathe, kids play, women wash cloathes, and everyone cools off from the heat. More than most do not wear bathing suits, but just walk into the water fully cloathed. My guess is that their cloathes dry so fast that it is not an issue and it feels good against the heat to be slightly damp for the next couple of hours. So, we all tried it and went in fully cloathed - well, not JD. He has issues with water that most of you know about. It was great fun, refreshing, and no salt and sand.

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fiona said...

great, you got mika obsessed with nica now! She wants to go, with you guys, one day.
Looks wonderful!!
Here,it is snowy and cold.