Sunday, January 30, 2011

Saturday Afternoon

Transportation has always been interesting during our travels. The fact that we do not have our own vehicle to drive this time around requires us to be more adaptable to the circumstances. Today we decided to go farther up the coast to a more remote beach, but vastly popular to surfers. Santiago offered to drive us in his Toyota land cruiser that has a very short box. In preparation, here he is installing the safety belt across the back. Nora looks skeptical.And voila... that looks so much safer now - doesn't it??
I did not want to be left out and squeezed in with my back against the cab.
Once we were out of the town limits, and veered off on the typically horrendously potholed and washed out dirt road, we realized that standing up and absorbing the bumps with our legs was preferable to the spine crunching seated position. JD and I knowingly looked at each other and silently agreed that we were once again committing a parental crime.
But what fun we had in getting there.
And here we are: at yet another beach. Another day of sunshine, salt water, and fresh air.

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