Sunday, January 9, 2011

Beach Beach Beach

One of the challenges of being on vacation is what to do with your time. Some people golf and can spend the whole day getting to the course and then playing. Some people ride motorcycles and plan day trips and check out all the corners of the earth. In our case, we have kids and the options aren't open to us. Luckily there is the the beach. La playa, as it is known here, offers endless hours of distraction. Favourite pastimes are collecting shells (Pop has put a limit on just how many that they are able to bring home). The age old 'cover some willing victim' with sand is a great hit. The kids seem to make friends where ever they go. This girl's name is Nayla and she also likes collecting shells with the girls.
Averyl, Elsie and Nora also found that just horsing around was a lot of fun.
One issue that exists all over the world is the amount of garbage. It is sad that the amount of plastic in the worlds oceans can now be measured as a percentage. These guys seem to be the only ones actually picking up around here.

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