Monday, January 10, 2011

Santiago and Queen Fairy Gwendolyn

Today we went out for an afternoon social visit in the country where Santiago and Gwendolyn live. It is a beautiful piece of land. As mentioned previously, they live in a school bus converted into their home. It is very cozy.

We planned on staying for dinner, but what I did not know, was that our dinner was still alive when we arrived. Santiago took the kids into the chicken coop where a plump chicken was picked out. Here he is explaining to the kids that if you rub under the chin just so the chicken will would calm down. It worked like a charm.

And then the grizzly part started. Santiago tied the chicken up to a tree, inserted a spike into it's
brain to kill it, and then proceeded to lop its head off.

Here's Elsie assisting Gwendolyn with the

de-feathering. Sadly, I was not able to 'pluck up' the courage to help.

And here is Gwendolyn. As can be seen on her expression, she is resisting the urge to involuntarily throw up.

All in all, dinner was good.

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