Monday, December 19, 2016

The Crew

Having the site work being done I must say I am thrilled.   While watching and admiring the progress being made I am daydreaming of the house we will build.   Standing not to far away from me, and also watching the work was a young man in clean clothes with a clip board in his hand.   I struck up a conversation with him and learned that he was the supervisor.  He had recently graduated from college for engineering - or something similar as best I could make out.   I shared with him my ideas of our future structure and he asked me who was going to build it.   Hmm, I paused....we had not yet got that far in our planning.  In fact, we didn't even know what we wanted.  Up until this point Carol-Ann and I have been sketching and playing with different shapes, and ideas.  

This young man introduced himself as Axell Diaz Sandino, and he said his family were builders. I remember taking this with a grain of salt because everyone says this sort of thing in a place where work is scarce. I thanked him and took his number. 

Fast forward a couple of months:   I returned with our finalized building plans and a determination to start the foundations.   I started the work by myself and was assisted by a couple of local kids.  I did not get far and realized that this was not going to get me the quality I was looking for.

I called Axell and we spoke at length.  His step father, cousin, brother in law, and nephews were all builders and are available for hire.

Here is Reynaldo, my favourite of the crew.  He is a master carpenter.  Essentially, he is my equivalent in terms of skills and knowledge in the building trade.  
January, 2015

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