Saturday, December 10, 2016

Site Preparation

It seems we have been doing a lot of site prep already... a well, the septic, our awesome hut of functionality...but now the big stuff has begun. 
It sort of makes us nervous.  Everything else up to this point has been manageable and relatively small.  
Oscar was the man we hired to help with the site prep.  I was fully impressed with the equipment that arrived. Tandem axle trucks and a full size backhoe but my personal favourite was the Wiley coyote style steam roller.  These guys are used to building roads.  Close enough I thought. 
Since our property is low lying, and in very close proximity to the river and the ocean, we either need to build our structure on elevated piers, or raise the grade.   We chose the latter.  
What we found when we started digging was that the rich delta top soil was super deep. After pulling out all the stumps and roots I still had not found the subsoil that I was looking for.   

Finally we came to a layer of what might be called black sand but we also hit the water table. At this point I decided to start filling the huge hole back in. 

It took 34 truck loads of local clay to get a level site that was 18"above the surrounding grade .

December, 2014 

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