Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Model Building

Back in Canada, on this cold winter weekend, JD and I decided to build a scaled model. We have designed and redesigned the structure with endless changes and modifications but are now confident our architectural plans are sufficient.  However, we wanted to see what it will truly look like, how the beams will go together, how much of an overhang we want, and whether we like what we have designed.  These are the details that we enjoy playing with.
Armed with foamcore, an exacto knife, and a glue gun we began our craft project with gusto.  Even though we were working together it was like a race; neither of us wanted the other to do more or get ahead.

When I had to go out to do some errands, I made JD promise not to cut or glue anything while I was away. True to his promise he did not touch the model but went instead to the shop and cut scaled wood beams to build a realistic roof.

Our effort was justly rewarding.
How cool is that model!

Most of the windows are high so as to be in the shade of the roof.  The pop top roof will be half a loft and half an open space to allow hot air to rise up and out the windows.  The area at the front, set back under the roof, is the kitchen window.  It will have stools to sit up to the countertop when the windows are open.

January, 2015

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