Friday, December 19, 2008


There are some things that I may never figure out in life.  Laundry might just be one of them. JD and I both can't figure out how anyone can dress in white here.  I see children, adults, seniors all dressed in immaculate white cloathes... and then along comes the Shiffletts. We are a dirty looking bunch.  My kids love to play in the dirt.  Pile it up, sit in it, sift it through their hands and then their hair.  Nora even went so far as to do a sand angel, face first, in a pile of sandy lava dirt that is the ground surface of all areas that do no have vegetation. 

Upon arrival back at Salvador's house (aka 'home away from home') I asked Dora, the house attendant, to do our laundry.  What she gave back to me made my mouth drop.  Our cloathes were white!  Seriously white....including the dirty stained t-shirt of Averyl's that she wore here on the plane that I have never been able to get clean.   How did she do it I do not know.  My spanish is not that good to ask or to understand.  WOW. 

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Bill said...

thats great!
we miss you are cute.
send more please.
we have nothing else to do here on accounta we're buried in snow.
have lotsa