Saturday, December 20, 2008


Well, no adventure would be complete when travelling to a tropical country without a  story about coconuts.  And guess what....we have one.

While having a picnic with the girls in the garden, I asked Sergio (the house gardener) that when a coconut fell, could he please give it to us.  But he took it upon himself to haul the ladder out, climb up on the roof and use a metal rod with a hook on the end to shake the tree.  

Down came many coconuts.  

With his long machette like blade, Sergio hacked the outer skin away and then I put a straw in to have a drink.  Wow.  I have never done that before.  Neither had the kids.  Elsie took the first sip and spit it back out, Nora basically followed suit but Averyl and I had a good long drink.  It was very good.  Nothing like I have every tasted before.  (I aim to have a real honest to goodness pina colada while here) 

Once done drinking the liquid from the centre, Serio then cut it in half.


And we all took turns scooping out the flesh.

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