Monday, December 15, 2008

Arriving in Nicaragua

Well, we made it.  The kids were fabulous and are great travellers.  

The weather upon arrival was 80 degrees,  with a slight breeze and a moistness in the air that is not available in Canada.  (well, maybe in July and August)

We were greeted at the airport by a man holding a sign 
that read J.D. Shcifgtletft.  We figured that was us. 
The man drove us to Salvidor's house.  It is here that we 
will call home and drop our stuff.   
Here is a picture.

We are off to Granada today.  We are going to ride the bus. 
The kids are very excited.


fiona said...

ok, found you. I thought for some weird reason you were saying 'Mika' not "nica' but put two and two together.
Thanks for the call, that was sweet! Looks nice so far. what's the airport again incase we find a cheap ticket??!

Bill said...

Ok guys.....I have been reading the same thing for 3 days. Are you having that much fun or have you forgotten about the rest of us?
feed us some Nica News!!!!


fiona said...

Looks like a blast...wish we were there! Apparently big storm coming tomorrow!