Thursday, March 23, 2017

Painting Party

The painting has started!  Every step is so exciting, but this one adds the wow factor.
The building has been white since the very beginning.  We have become very comfortable with the white walls and the blue roof (although it is a very dusty roof and seeing the brilliant blue will not happen until the rainy season hits)

Here we are painting it all grey to seal the stucco finish and to provide the base coat for the colour.

Well, this is not the change we were expecting. Dull metal grey really changes the tone and atmosphere, making it feel like a military base.  

Hurry up with the green.

Ah, new spring green is my favourite.  Or, as the paint can illustrates, this is Manzana Verde.

So appetizing I could eat it!

We needed more colour.  The paint store we visited in Masachapa have all the colours painted on the walls so it is easy to choose your desired outcome.  We chose a brilliant blue for accent and a bold yellow for the upper story and the main walls.  Once painted, we looked around and realized we picked our colours based on some of our favourite things...El Fumador, a green towel, and the every so lovely coconut. Works for us.

 And here it is in all its splendor.  We are still in shock.  Not sure if it will stay this way, but for now we will leave it.  The roll down safety covers are in, the doors are hung, the window safety bars are installed and the house is now secure...and is looking good. 

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