Sunday, March 19, 2017

Donde esta la Biblioteca?

"Donde Esta La Biblioteca? "

That is our family's secret theme song.  Ok, its now out.   It just so happens that it is the first line of a jaunty rhyming tune,  I would love to post the entire song, but my kids strongly abject due to the fact that iti is our family's SECRET theme song.  They have graciously allowed me to write the first two lines.

Donde esta la biblioteca?
Me llamo Evan la arana discoteca

That's all I am allowed to write, but my favourite line further into the tune is:

Buenas dias me gusta papas fritas.

Anyways, back to current time....
We found outselves in Granada visiting our wonderful friends Fabrizio and Jeffrey.  They bought an old Colonial house in the heart of the city and are restoring it to its full splendor, plus giving it a modern touch.  I just love buildings with internal courtyards and lots of vegetation.  It is so different from our normal north american style.
After our breakfast outing to the Garden Cafe - again a beautiful building with an interior courtyard, we happened upon the library.

Donde esta la biblioteca?

We all get excited to visit new libraries.  The possibilities are endless. The smell alone is worth it.

Kids had loads of fun looking for books up high on the shelves.

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