Friday, November 11, 2016

Motorcycle Mama

Instead of heading to the ocean, JD and I made a solo trip into the mountains. When I say solo, I mean without our kids.  First stop:  NicaMoto to rent motorcycles.  A fabulous setup, this company rents out motorbikes for day, week, or month long journeys.  You can find their website at
First leg of the journey was from Managua to Boaca.  It was long, we got lost, but eventually we made it.  Such a beautiful town.  Here is just a snipped of the pristine beauty of the hilly terrain. This was a small school nestled into the hillside for the surrounding community.  School was out, so no kids to interact with.  

Next day we travelled to Muy,Muy using the backroads through the mountains.  Yes, we got lost again.  Being a novice on a motorbike, but eager to try anything, my skills were definitely tested.  JD found it extremely entertaining to document my trials and errors.  I was proud of my developing talents and accomplishments.  Here's me crossing a river washout.  

And then, here's me on the other side, thankful I made it.  No worries that I ploughed into the hill on the other side.  I was grateful really.   It stopped me from falling over and gave me a moment to rest.  I was breathing pretty hard at this moment and needed time to regroup my thoughts and slow my heartrate down.  JD was enjoying the entertainment.  

Funny, I met the best teacher one could find.  An expert on going slow, living day by day, and always resting to soak up the surroundings.  We all have lots to learn.  How cute is this sloth.    
April, 2014

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