Sunday, November 27, 2016

La Choza - The Shack

It is soo exciting.  We are breaking ground!  Literally.
Construction has officially begun.
This is our 10 foot by 10 foot building to house all of the utilities.   And ultimately it will be our most useful structure in the years to come.  I liken this shed to a provincial park camping kiosk.  We will have a shower and toilet accessible on one side, a solid wall down the middle and then a kitchenette accessible on the other side.

Here is the plumbing all laid out.  The black pipe is for the toilet, the grey pipe for the sink.  I am so lucky that all this is common knowledge for JD.  He can install just about anything.   He has so many talents.

As this is Nicaragua where freezing temperatures and frost are not a concern we don't have to install a 4' foundation.  We just pulled away all of the organic soft soil and will pour a concrete floor on the hardpacked earth.  How easy.

Here's JD and El Fumador back in Managua picking up construction materials.  The police stopped us at one point in our travels and told us we did not have the necessary papers to have out metal racks installed on our truck.  Having bought El Fumador with the metal racks already on, we had no idea that we needed a separate permit.  Solution: the racks came off.  The police were hoping we would pay for the permit and the fine but we just removed the entire structure.  Sadly, the kids no longer have their hideaway haven in the back.  But, just as well, because we need the space for construction materials now. 

The foundation floor has been poured, the walls have been built using the typical concrete Nica blocks and the final finish is parged cement or a stucco look.  We did not do anything funky.  The colour banding is simple the drying effect from the previous rainfall.  The water has dried in the middle but the top and bottom of the structure are still wet.  

And here it is.  Our ever so useful choza.  This is the view of the kitchenette and the overhanging roof so we can sit underneath and keep dry when it is raining.  This of course does nothing to protect us from the mosquitoes, but you can't have everything.  
September 2014

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