Friday, January 10, 2014

Perdito Paradiso

Lost Paradise....
Each time we come to Nicaragua, we find it is paradise all over again. 
Our main mission this year is to start construction on our property.  Not all at once, and not to be finished this year, but our aim this year was to make a start.  
First order of business is a well, next the septic,  maybe some plant material, and then a small structure to make it all possible to be at the property...with a small semblance of comfort.

This is our property, without any of the above mentioned options.  The trees provide a shade canopy from the sun, and most if not all of the ground vegetation has been removed.  If it was not, it just gets overgrown and becomes a jungle of a mess, and very hard to walk through. 

Adding hammocks was a good thought.   Best to do it right away because when it gets so hot it is hard to do anything else. 
And before we could start on anything, JD wanted a swing to entertain himself.  Doesn't he look happy?

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