Monday, February 20, 2017

Mombacho Volcano Zipline

The Mombacho Volcano is a destination in Nicaragua.  You can actually drive up the treacherously steep side of the volcano to the very top where you can explore the interpretive building - the Mombacho Reserve.  While there you can explore plenty of information about the volcano as well as maps, photos, models, and souvenirs. Plus you can set out on a walk through the mystical cloud forest and around one the volcano's four craters. 
But, halfway up to the top is a zipline-canopy tour.   We decided we must stop and explore.  The kids practically jumped out of the vehicle anyways so it was best we parked and all went together.  

Here we are with our gear on, ready to experience the thrills.  

Upside down was a favourite. 

But only for the kids.  JD did not think it would suit him.

March 2015

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